Pure energy, more than 15 years of soul, funk and rhythm'n'blues
The Band

La Soul Machine is a soul, funk and rhythm'n'blues band that has become a referent in Catalonia. A career of more than fifteen years shearing the greatest hits of black music on many stages has been the key of their success and have given the band (from Falset, El Priorat. Catalonia) a solid base, experience, and a huge repertoire with an original and personal point of view that makes them groove like no other band.

La Soul Machine is pure energy, an energy that connects with the audiences looking for emotions, feelings and quality in music. The band claims a genre that is still alive, and they do it keeping loyalty and devotion to the power and warmness of black music.

After "Soul.cat", their first CD album released in 2009 with a selection of ten classical soul songs that have been the band's and audience's musical companion for the last decade, La Soul Machine has recently presented "Terra Negra" (Black Ground), their second album in which they have recorded originals in catalan language, without compromising the style and taking care of every detail. 

The Musicians

Manu Ruiz, leading voice. Francesc Brull, bass. Toni Just, guitar. Pau Terol, keyboards. Carlos Brull, drums. Raul Viñes, tenor sax. Cisco Barceló, baritone sax. Jordi Barceló, trombone.

Guest musicians: Josué Garcia, trumpet. Roger Conesa, alto and tenor sax. Xavi de la Salud, trumpet. String Quartet featuring on the show "Six Legends of Soul": Marta Cardona, first violin. Ariadna Padró, second violin. Laia Martí, viola. Nàiade Martinez, cello.

Sound Engineer: Néstor Oñatibia.

La Soul Machine - No hi ha estop

La Soul Machine La Reina del Soul

La Soul Machine - Son of Preacher Man

La Soul Machine & String Quartet - Think